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Clandestine Wrestling Society

Our goal as "The Clandestine Society" as pertains to wrestling training & fitness is to provide a positive & productive environment for both already established wrestlers alongside those just beginning their journey in the industry.

Whether you're working to improve your skills or just starting out we are here to pass on knowledge, work with you & provide encouragement.

Our motto is that together we make everyone we touch & everywhere we go better.


Michael Richard Blais
New Student - Trainer

Beginning his training in 2003 at the age of 13 years old afforded Blais the opportunity to be trained by former WWE Superstar & current WWE producer, TJ Wilson(Tyson Kidd). Debuting in 2005 he has been a mainstay through out western Canada regularly competing for promotions in Alberta, British Columbia & Saskatchewan. Through out his near 20 years he has also made appearances on WWE RAW, 205Live and NXT. Along with attending the WWE Canadian Tryout in 2019 & a tour of the UK in 2019 for WAW ran by the legendary Knight family(from the movie Fighting With My Family). Blais has also had additional training with Natalya, Davey Boy Smith Jr, Dr. Tom Prichard, Gerald Brisco and more. All of this allows for a wide variety of knowledge he looks to pass on to new students starting their journey in wrestlers alongside help by other experienced wrestlers whom also attend practices.


See what other members & friends/supporters

of the Clandestine Society have to say below!

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TJ Wilson



Taryn From Accounting

Assistant Trainer/Trainee

"Michael Richard Blais is one of the best minds I’ve come across in the wrestling world.  I talk to him daily and we bounce ideas off each other all the time.  If I was ever stuck on an idea or needed to decide which idea was best I’d reach out to MRB and he’d always make the right call.  In the 17 years we’ve been really close we haven’t had so much as an argument or any kind of dispute.  MRB has many skills but his greatest might be the skill of being able to convey his teachings so articulately and being able to explain just about anything to anyone about wrestling."


Zoe Sager

Assistant Trainer/Trainee

"There is no better place to train and no better person to learn from than MRB. He’s so good and so smart and knows the little ways to make things make sense for different people,"


Steven Crowe



Gigi Rey


"I can’t recommend a better person to learn and train under than mrb. 
He’s incredibly knowledgable, patient, knows how to break things down, and can also fine tune your wrestling style and techniques to make you an even better performer.  Whether you’re a beginner or experienced wrestler, MRB is definitely the guy you need to train with."


Spencer Love

LPW Promoter

“Michael, and his students, exemplify what Love Pro Wrestling is built upon. We pride ourselves on providing great professional wrestling, involving great people, and that’s something he’s been aligned with since day one of his wrestling career, nonetheless the founding of LPW. So many of our essential roster members have trained under Michael Richard Blais, and we’re a better promotion for it. We happily would endorse Michael Richard Blais as THE option for training pro wrestlers in Alberta.”


Berat Gorani

Assistant Trainer/Trainee

"Lance Storm gave me my foundation for wrestling in 2018 but Michael has been responsible for helping me for every step since, whether it be advanced training in the ring, psychology of this sport, and mentally getting/keeping me prepared! No other head trainer I would recommend! That's only the top and every one down the line trainer, trainee, supporter has adapted the same mentality! Clandestine society is the most professional training facility I've been a part of. We train with love and joy for pro wrestling with the goal to make everyone better as a strong united family!"


Kurt Sorochan

PWA Promoter

"I'm proud to endorse the latest venture by Michael Richard Blais, one of the most talented and dedicated wrestlers on the indy scene over the last 20 years and without a doubt, the most passionate about our business. He'll be sharing his passion and knowledge in a unique setting, as the CLANDESTINE WRESTLING SOCIETY is more than a wrestling school. It's a community where novices can break into the wrestling business and where all level of experienced wrestlers can hone their craft in an honest and encouraging setting with the egos left at the door. I don't know a harder worker, who is selfless in helping EVERYONE become a better performer in the ring, using psychology, technique, and fitness to their hone their craft. I urge anyone that's serious about getting into the wrestling business or those who look to further their career, to give the Clandestine Wrestling Society the opportunity to help start their journey."


Thaddeus Archer


"Without a shadow of a doubt Michael is the best person to train with in Alberta. If you want to be a wrestler, if you want to be a better wrestler, if you want to get into wrestling or if you even want to train like a wrestler Clandestine is the pinnacle!"

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