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May 13th will be 20 years since I(Michael Richard Blais) first got into a wrestling ring. So I want to celebrate wrestling...for a full 8 hour day & for a good cause.

In Support of the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation donations are open from now until 9pm on May 13th!

FULL MATCH WILL BE LIVE STREAMED ON MAY 13th from NOON-9PM at set your notifications!

Credits/People involved:

Gauntlet Wrestlers: Steven Crowe, Taryn From Accounting, Berat Gorani, Zoe Sager, Reid Matthews, Marz The Specialist, Jack Pride, Sheik Shabaz, Colton Kelly, Jared Rogers and potentially more to be added!

Referees & Support Staff: Michael Fitzpatrick, Ben Oomen, Spencer Love, Gavin Fitzpatrick, Thaddeus Archer the Third, Tania Lopes-Cunha and potentially more to be added!

Live Stream Commentary: Big Bad Boris and potentially more to be added!

Promotions Supporting: Clandestine Wrestling Society(Edmonton), Love Pro Wrestling(Edmonton), WrestleCore(Vancouver) and Prairie Wrestling Alliance(Edmonton)

Hopefully more to be added as well! If you want to be involved shoot me a DM!

The match itself!

-Continuous gauntlet for MRB. Win or lose each match, I stay in the entire 8hrs

-Wins/losses will be tracked like a scoreboard

-Each match will be a 30min time limit

-After every 4th match there will be a brief 4-5 min "intermission" but IN RING time will be 8hrs!

The match/event will be held at the Clandestine Wrestling Society Training building. Because of this there won't be space for a live attendance. Weather permitting we'll have the bay door open for the duration though & if you're local to Edmonton feel free to swing by, say hi, & show support for a quick minute or two.

The 20 year anniversary part of this is just a cool stat to tack onto this but not the big point. Just happened to work out to be the best time to do this. Really it's an idea I've had for a long time to do something a bit crazy & memorable with my friends for a good cause. So it literally would not be possible without them. Everyone involved is going to be the reason this works, crushes that donation goal & hopefully ends up being something cool that lasts forever as a memory of something these crazy wrestling people in Alberta pulled off.

All of the fans and supporters of wrestling here are just as big a part of that group of "crazy wrestling people" I mention above too. This doesn't work and we don't hit the donation goal without you guys. So thank you for your support! I hope you'll check out the stream on the day of and if you can please donate to he fundraise.

Once again donations are open from now until 9pm on May 13t and the link to donate is at

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