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PRICE $200

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When: Saturday June 1st and Sunday June 2nd
12pm - 3pm both days

Where: 7762 18 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Coach: Michael Richard Blais (highlight video link and some credentials listed in write up below)

Curriculum: Introduction to the basic fundamentals of professional wrestling & in ring fitness training.

Special Price: only $200 for both days or $125 for SATURDAY JUNE 1st ONLY

Requirements To Participate: Suitable athletic wear (sweats/shorts/t-shirt), proper athletic footwear for working out in and gel volleyball style knee pads or similar required.
Activity Waiver to be filled out and signed upon arrival. Age limit of 14+. All registrations under the age of 18 must be completed by a parent/guardian and also be accompanied by a parent/guardian on Day 1 in order to complete the activity waiver.


The two-day course will be an introduction to professional wrestling for beginners and a refresher in the basics for anyone from past beginner stage wishing to attend. From basic drills and rolls to your first bumps, lock ups and running the ropes. You will be introduced to all the fundamentals of professional wrestling fitness during this camp. Each day will begin at 12:00pm and last till 3:00pm. Expect to work hard but also be ready to have a lot of fun leaving the two days with new experiences and feeling accomplished in your learning efforts. The cost for all of this will only be $200 total for the full two days. We also have an option to sign up for only one day on Saturday June 1st for $125.

Saturday will have a focus on warm ups, basic rolls, rope running, lock ups and some basic holds.
Sunday will have a review of Saturday then progress with your first bumps, basics of chaining holds together and more.


The camp will be coached by established pro-wrestler, Michael Richard Blais. Blais began his career at a young age nearly 20 years ago and was trained by current WWE producer, Tyson Kidd. Blais' has also had the opportunity to learn from Natalya Neidhart, Rick Viktor, Harry Smith, Dr. Tom Prichard, Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat and more during his career. Having competed primarily throughout Western Canada including matches fwith Samoa Joe, Cody Rhodes, Christopher Daniels, Josh Alexander and many more, Blais has  also spent considerable time travelling to other areas to gain experience as well including working for EVOLVE Wrestling and Joey Janela's Spring Break. He has also had the privilege of performing on WWE RAW, NXT and 205Live. He has also worked internationally with a tour in the UK for the legendary Knight Family(of the movie Fighting With My Family) then following up by being invited to and attending the 2019 WWE Canada Tryout. Blais brings a database of knowledge acquired from these experiences and more through out the years to these camps.  Other established professional wrestlers such as Berat Gorani, Zoe Sager & more will also be in attendance to help guide you through the course as well.

Highlight Video for reference: 

Once again please make sure to bring workout shorts/pants, t-shirts (multiple t-shirts to change into is suggested as you will most likely sweat). Knee pads (soft volleyball style) are required. Athletic footwear with proper ankle support is also required. Please bring lots of water as well as hydration is important. A waiver will be presented and required to be signed upon arrival before the camp begins.

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